Support Information

synko NAV Solutions support


Service Level Agreement:

  • Silver (standard): Helpdesk reachable by phone or email 9/5 (Mo-Fr, 8-17 CE(S)T)
    fastest response time: next business day
  • Gold: personal support contact, reachable 14/5 (Mo-Fr, 7-21 CE(S)T)
    fastest response time: within 8 hours.
  • Platinum: personal support contact, reachable 24/7
    fastest response time: within 2 hours.

Support Lifecycle for certified synko NAV solutions:

  • Customization at customer’s request: at least as long as the underlying NAV version is supported by Microsoft. This service is fee-based.
  • Bug fix: as long as the customer is using the product, unless the error is connected to the underlying NAV version.



Support Contacts:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel.: +49 911 539979 20
Escalation contact: Mr. Köhler, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,+49 911 539979 22


Product Roadmap:

  • All certified synko NAV solutions will be upgraded to the latest Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Dynamics 365 Business Central version within 9 months after its release.
  • All certified synko NAV solutions follow the „Statement of Direction“ of the underlying NAV version.



Q: Which exchange rate is used for posting the Purchase Order, when at the time of the purchase (the date of posting the Vendor Document) is a different exchange rate in effect then at the time of posting?

A: If the exchange rate changes are properly documented in the General Ledger Setup, NAV will notice changes when posting. NAV will query the user whether to change the exchange rate.
Yes will use the exchange rate of the Posting Date.
No will use previous exchange rate (i.e. the one of the Document).

Q: How can I undo a line of a Purchase Receipt that originated from a Production Order? The function “Undo Warehouse Receipt” results in an error message.

A: You cannot undo a Partial Shipment.

Q: Is it possible to create customer specific information texts for sales confirmations?

A: Yes: Customer Card >> Customer >> Prefix and Postfix Text

Q: Why are there no Warehouse Shipment prints for certain Transfer Orders?

A: The Warehouse Shipment Date is most likely in the future. Warehouse Shipment will be printed only on the Transfer Date.

Q: Purchase Invoices were printed with the wrong Vendor. Is it possible to change the incorrect Invoices?

A: No. Posted (journal) Invoices can only be corrected by Credit Memos and reposting the correct Invoice.

Q: Why are Datecodes entered at the scanner sometimes formatted incorrectly, i.e. 9701 or 20.12.96 instead of 971229?

A: It’s a result of the NAV date2dwy formatting function. You can correct this manually in Acc.No.Inf.Card. A new version of Codeunit Datecodemanagement is available.

Q: Why can Calculating Shipment on Requested Delivery Date result in an error message?

A: This can happen when sales price is entered manually at 0 EUR. Sales Price will be recalculated when you use the mentioned function. In case of an exemplary shipment set the sales price to 0 EUR.

Q: Where can I find Reports showing the revenue from Sales Shipments for all customers in a specific time frame? In addition I want to filter to only show customers with at least one Sales Shipment in that time frame.

A: You can find the report at Sales & Marketing >> Order Processing >> Reports –synko >> Customer Analysis

Q: Why is there an error when importing an EDI file with “Multiple lines with different external Document No.”?

A: Most likely certain articles were changed to KONSI. Certain sections in the EDI files are now unnecessary.

Q: The function “Forward Sales Lines to Transfer Order” results in an error: “Item tracking is defined for item XX in the Transfer Line. You must delete the existing item tracking before modifying or deleting the Transfer Line.”. What to do?

A: Item Tracking is defined in a later Line No. Please delete the Item Tracking.

Q: The scanner shows the wrong Quantity for Packages.

A: Change Quantity in the Item Tracking Line for this Order and post this order manually at the NAV Client.

Q: Why is the unleaded logo cropped on all labels for a specific Despatch Advice?

A: Certain fields in the barcode are too long and overlay the logo. Solution: Define a max. length for Barcodes.

Q: A Transfer is in Transit because the Accumulative Lot for this Warehouse Receipt wasn’t entered. How can I fix this?

A: Conact our support to make the Accumulative Lot filed editable. Edit the Accumulative Lot.