2021 Dynamics 365 Business Central made its final push

2021 was a great year for Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft’s flagship ERP solution for SMEs. Last year saw a spectacular increase in the number of businesses using this modern solution, doubling to over 22,000. Microsoft also reported great progress in the global availability of the solution, in the availability of certified extensions and in the number of active channel partners. So 2021 really was the year of the breakthrough for Business Central. And it seems that 2022 has even more to offer!

Companies looking for a new ERP solution today have a wide range of choices at their disposal. However, in today’s highly competitive and increasingly digital world, a company cannot afford to make any mistakes in its selection processes. After all, one buys and implements such solutions for a number of years. This makes it all the more important to choose a solution with future prospects.

As the new year begins, it is a good idea to provide an overview of the progress Microsoft has made with Business Central in 2021. Below are some of the key takeaways on market adoption, market growth and market outlook:
– Microsoft reported a spectacular increase in the number of Business Central customers from 11,000 at the beginning of the year to over 22,000 at the end of the year. This represents an increase of 100 per cent!

– The growth potential also depends on availability. Business Central is now available in 69 localised versions worldwide – a 40 percent increase from the beginning of the year

Business Central is a generic solution that is customised for customers by adding specific, industry-focused partner solutions. These solutions are called extensions. In 2021, the number of extensions presented in AppSource grew by 32 per cent to more than 1,850.

Business Central is sold and implemented exclusively by Microsoft partners. In 2021, the number of active sales partners grew by no less than 65 per cent to over 3,500.

– Microsoft has launched a project in 2021 to make the implementation of Business Central faster, easier and more cost-effective. This is certainly another variable that will further accelerate growth!

Another important milestone in 2021 was the announcement of Microsoft’s ambitious goals. The company stated that it wants to make Business Central the best and most secure ERP solution in the world for SMEs.

Today’s business world depends more and more on providing the right data through modern, innovative and user-friendly ERP solutions. Companies that continue to use outdated systems based on traditional business processes are increasingly at risk of suffering both financially and in terms of customer satisfaction.

If you are thinking about modernising your current ERP solution in 2022, you should seriously consider Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.