Our mission: Confidence, Sustainability and Enthusiasm

synko GmbH focuses its attention on the people in your company and their tasks. It is our mission to jointly develop the processes with you so that your company can perform at its best. All operational processes can be designed more effectively. And these processes contain immense resources, which we will make use of with you. We want:
  • that your employees can concentrate on their work and “do the proper tasks”.
  • that your employees perform their jobs optimally and “do their tasks correctly”.
We develop software solutions that enable you to focus your full attention on the central tasks of your company and provide your employees with the best possible support. Our software solutions are characterized by top quality and being easy to use. We want you to focus your attention not on operating our software, but on fulfilling your work.

“We have one thing in common: the absolute enthusiasm for solutions. We love the challenge: the more difficult and complex a situations appears, the better.”
Wolfgang Jaksch, CEO and founder of synko GmbH

Confidence, sustainability, responsibility and enthusiasm are the principles we expect from our employees and which we naturally also bring into your projects.

Our employee base is constantly growing. There is a solid reason for this: synko GmbH does not only train, it supports and promotes all employees, and offers an informal atmosphere coupled with the basis for creativity and individual development.

“We are only satisfied when we have developed the optimal solution for your special requirements. When everything fits perfectly and there are no ifs and buts. When you have enough time again to concentrate on your business.”
Markus Köhler, CEO and founder of synko GmbH