Our partner: Synergies for your IT solution

In order to offer our customers optimum quality, we work together with selected solution and technology partners. We believe in the power of cooperation and networks. In order to meet the complex requirements of our customers optimally and efficiently, we have established close partnerships. Together we work on projects, exchange know-how and ideas. The resulting synergies benefit our customers in particular: They receive the best individual solution for their project.

Partner von synko GmbH: Fujitsu

Fujitsu is the leading Japanese provider of information- and telecommunication-based (ICT) business solutions and offers a wide range of technology products, solutions and Services.

Partner of synko GmbH: Microsoft

Microsoft Corporation is an international hardware and software developer and technology company headquartered in Redmond, a district of Seattle, Washington.

Partner of synko GmbH: Motorola

Motorola is dedicated to inventing and delivering the best mobile devices in the world to make the lives of millions easier, more communicative and more diverse.

Partner von synko GmbH: Nordic ID

Nordic ID helps companies optimize asset flow management and real-time inventory with RFID tracking devices and custom cloud Solutions.

Partner von synko GmbH: Psion

Since 2014, the Enterprise Solutions division, including Symbol Technologies and Psion, has belonged to Zebra Technologies. As of April 2015, Zebra is no longer offering products under these brands, so Psion devices that can be purchased come from remaining stocks.

Partner von synko GmbH: Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies is a U.S. provider of data acquisition and processing equipment and software. Zebra develops and markets barcode scanners, RFID readers, mobile computers, and printers for printing coupons, tickets, and receipts.